As previously reported, Kangs Solicitors is defending a client who is a company director facing allegations of running a fraudulent business and money laundering.

The investigation was conducted by Trading Standards.

Defence Preparation | Kangs Trial Preparation Solicitors

During the preparation of our client’s defence Kangs Regulatory Team has:

  • attended our client throughout taking detailing written instructions
  • discussed his position with him thoroughly
  • selected and instructed specialist counsel to represent our client in court
  • attended counsel with our client considering all aspects of his defence
  • examined and considered thousands of pages of Paypal, eBay and banking evidence.
  • examined extensive footage of the search of our client’s premises by Trading Standards Officers
  • analysed the discussions our client had with the Trading Standards Officers
  • selected and instructed a forensic handwriting expert to examine relevant material
  • prepared and served all requisite documents throughout.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Serious Crime Solicitors

We have a dedicated team experienced in representing clients who are being investigated in respect of every aspect of alleged criminal activity including very serious and complex Regulatory matters.

All necessary steps are taken to ensure our client is properly guided and fully advised from the Police Station process through to trial and we are happy to provide our clients and fellow professionals with an initial no obligation consultation.

If you have recently been contacted by the Police or Trading Standards to discuss allegations of criminal activity of any nature, please contact our team immediately through any of the following:

Hamraj Kang
07976 258171 | 020 7936 6396 | 0121 449 9888

Timothy Thompson
0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 6396 | 07989 521 210 (24hr Emergency Number)

John Veale
0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 6396