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It is frequently the case that the presentation of a client’s defence to a jury requires the support of evidence from a recognised specialist in a particular field of expertise, generally referred to as ‘an expert witness’.

Kangs Criminal Defence Team deals with such situations on a daily basis and has successful working relationships with many acknowledged experts in various fields.

Cagin Husnu of Kangs Solicitors identifies three of a wide range of such expertise.

Forensic Reports

The Prosecution may seek to attribute liability for an offence to an individual based upon alleged evidence discovered at the scene of a crime or which appears to form part of criminal activity.

Prime examples are blood, semen, DNA and fingerprints at the scene of physical crime whilst handwriting and voice recognition frequently feature in offences involving fraud.

In such situations where a defendant denies the Prosecution allegations, it becomes necessary to seek the advice and guidance of an expert witness.

Cell-Site Reports

Modern day use of mobile phones enables the police experts to trace the movement of a mobile phone around the country through the network of mobile phone masts and thereby establish potential connections with a suspected crime.

Drug trafficking is a frequent example of constant use of a series of calls between a number of individual phones enabling dealers to move their goods quickly in a controlled fashion.

With such evidence, once one or more mobile phones have been attributed to one or more of the alleged offenders it becomes a relatively easy task for the Prosecutor to establish the pattern of crime.

However, it may be that the police do not have adequate cell site evidence, it is flawed in some aspect or a suspect alleges that a phone was simply loaned to someone or had recently been stolen.

In such circumstances it may be necessary to seek evidence on behalf of our defendant client to show that he was at locations different to the mobile phone at the time of the alleged participation in the crime being prosecuted.

Medical Experts

The mental condition of any person who is being prosecuted or faces the possibility of prosecution for a criminal offence may be extremely relevant when considering whether or not:

  • it was a factor in the commission of the alleged offence
  • the ability to defend any charges made is impaired in any fashion
  • any normal sentence arising from a conviction can properly be administered.

It is essential that a person facing a criminal charge has the mental capacity to:

  • instruct legal assistance
  • attend interview
  • understand the allegations being made
  • participate in the mechanics of defence preparation
  • appreciate the consequences of a trial and
  • understand the significance of entering a plea to the offence(s) charged.

If there is any doubt in respect of any of these considerations then a report would be required from a psychiatrist to address the individuals mental capacity at the relevant time.

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The Defence Team at Kangs Solicitors is engaged defending clients charged with crimes of all categories at Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts throughout the UK on a daily basis and the instruction of a wide variety of appropriate experts is an integral part of the presentation of many defences.

If you are facing any sort of investigation where you are to be interviewed by an authority or are to be involved in proceedings whether it be in the Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court please do not hesitate to contact our Team through any of the following:  

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