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Kangs Solicitors has been representing a client who works for an international company in Central London.

Frances Murray of Kangs Solicitors reports on the case.

The Circumstances | Kangs Domestic Abuse Defence Team

  • Our client faced allegations of domestic abuse against an estranged partner which he strongly contested to the extent that, having further reviewed the basis of the allegations, the Prosecution were persuaded not to offer any evidence against him.
  • However, the Prosecution then decided to apply for a Post-Acquittal Restraining Order which, again, was strongly contested as the potential implications for our client were totally unreasonable and unacceptable.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs National Abuse Defence Team

  • Having examined and considered in detail the material presented by the Prosecution, the Kangs team considered that it was totally inadequate and of no evidential value.
  • An extensive disclosure request was submitted but the Prosecution refused to comply.

The Successful Outcome | Kangs Trial Preparation Team

  • When the complainant was called to give evidence concerning electronic and social media material, it was apparent there were no grounds to justify the Post-Acquittal Restraining Order which the Prosecution sought to obtain.
  • In fact, there was evidence of the complainant harassing our client.

Following expert cross examination of the complainant, based on the evidence gathered by Kangs trial preparation team, the Judge ruled:

“I have no intention whatsoever of granting a Restraining Order.  The complainant is a profoundly unreliable witness.”

Our client was extremely relieved with the outcome of the hearing and commented as follows:

‘I had the good fortune to be recommended Kang's Solicitors professional services via a legal adviser working for a private family office. 

And the hard time it was for me... In desperate need of help - remanded in Belmarsh prison – cut out from the rest of the world. 

It is there in the Hellmarsh where I met the people of Kang’s - Mr. Hamraj Kang himself, Ms. Fran Murray, Head of the London practice and Chris Henley QC. They had made the great effort to find me in the first place; and successfully advocated for my release on bail within 2 weeks. 

Working with Fran I gained a true understanding of her tenacity and her full-time approach to clients’ care. She has an ability to adapt and seem at ease in the most challenging environements, both in the court room and while talking to CPS. She is extremely adept at handling adversity.  

During what proved to be a highly complex court case, Chris Henley, QC was faultless in every sense. His understanding of the matters at hand, grasp of the case load overall and management of all professionals concerned was commendable.  

From day one, I was put at ease as a client - at no point did I doubt for an instant that Chris and Fran were anything less than 100% in control. In private conference Fran and Chris’ manners are reassuring and comforting, whilst always laying out the balance of issues, giving an overview to me as the client and lay out a clear simplified strategy to win the case.  

I'd have no hesitation in recommending the services of Chris Henley, QC, Ms Fran Murray and Hamraj Kang himself having seen first hand how they so eloquently and efficiently represented me successfully.  

To my knowledge, it was the first precedent in the UK when a book shared via Kindle WhisperNet was successfully advocated by Chris as evidence of online stalking – this was virtually the last minute twist that helped defend me. 

“Forgive me, Please” was the title and I will remember it forever. I think the real book with the same title about the case is in order now. The Amazon Prime Video script (Kindle is owned by Amazon) might be coming too and I see Kevin Bacon as Chris and Jenifer Lawrence as Fran. I can only hope that John Oliver will not turn down the role of the Prosecution Barrister... 

Thank you so much.’

How Can We Help? | Kangs Serious Crime Defence  Team

Kangs Solicitors has many years experience defending cases investigated and prosecuted by all the major prosecuting authorities.

If you are a private individual, business, sole trader, partnership or company, we are here to assist you manage your contact with the prosecuting authority and advise you on any criminal proceedings involving serious criminal offences.  We understand the gravity of any reputational damage caused by such allegations.

Who Should I Contact? | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our team of solicitors can be contacted through the following:

Hamraj Kang
07976 258171 | 020 7936 6396 | 0121 449 9888

Amandeep Murria
0121 449 9888 | 0161 618 1098

Sukhdip Randhawa
0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 6396

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