Daily, thousands of decisions are made by Public Bodies and, sometimes, these decisions are wrong and unfair.

Such decisions, in many cases, not only affect individuals but also companies and officers of companies.

Judicial Review (‘JR’) is a vital part of the English legal system as we do not a have a fully written constitution like many other countries.

JR is the procedure by which decisions made by a Public Body, Court or Tribunal can be challenged to ensure that the decisions being made are fair and lawful.

JR can also be applied for in cases where Public Bodies fail to follow procedures or fail to act appropriately.

To apply for JR you must have a sufficient interest in the matter.

Under what Grounds can I make an Application for Judicial Review? | Judicial Review Specialists

There are various grounds on which decisions could be challenged including:

  1. The Public Body acted outside of its powers, the law has been misinterpreted or there was an error on fact;
  2. The Public Body acted unreasonably when making a decision i.e no normal person would have made the same decision;
  3. Procedural impropriety. The Public Body failed to adopt or it ignored procedural requirements.

How can we help? | Judicial Review Defence Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors have the expertise and knowledge to deal with your JR application.

As the result of many years experience dealing with clients subjected  to investigations brought by a range of bodies covering a vast spectrum of offences,  Kangs Solicitors have developed close working relationships with some of the country’s leading Barristers.

Kangs Solicitors can advise you on the merits of your application for JR, assist you with the preparation of your application and the pre- action protocol letter, deal with all correspondence and represent you during your JR Hearing.

As all applications for JR are case specific and, in most cases, bound by very strict time limits, it is important that you seek specialist advice at a very early stage.

Kangs Solicitors Judicial Review Team is at hand to help you .We are passionate about our service and professionalism and can provide you with the right advice that is backed by our many years of experience.

Kangs Solicitors welcomes clients contacting us and we will provide an initial free consultation to discuss your matter with you.

Please contact our Judicial Review Team through any of:

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