Kangs Solicitors have been representing the son of an individual engaged in the private banking sector in the Middle East.

Frances Murray reports upon the events leading to the successful outcome.

The Allegation | Kangs Serious Crime Solicitors

The Prosecution alleged that our client had assaulted his partner.

How We Assisted | Kangs Criminal Defence Advisory Team

Upon discussing the events at length with our client and examining the initial evidence provided, we discovered that the complainant, our client’s partner, had, in fact, made a further statement to the Police, soon after reporting the alleged offence, in which she retracted her original statement.

Following this discovery, we made a series of disclosure requests as it had become apparent to us that there was insufficient evidence to justify a prosecution of our client.

In due course, as the result of our persistence, the Prosecution reviewed the case against our client and all charges were dropped against him.

Naturally, our client and his family were very pleased with the result.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Serious Crime Team

Kangs Solicitors have many years experience defending cases investigated and prosecuted by all the major prosecuting authorities.

If you are a private individual, business, sole trader, partnership or company, we are here to assist you manage your contact with the prosecuting authority and advise you on any criminal proceedings involving serious criminal offences.  We understand the gravity of any reputational damage caused by such allegations.

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