Amongst many other departments, the NCA has a specialist department within their Economic Crime Command Department known as the Civil Recovery and Tax Department (‘CRT’).

Functions Of CRT | Kangs Civil Recovery Defence Team

CRT become involved in a number of circumstances such as, for example, when criminal proceedings are not likely to be pursued because of evidential difficulties in bringing a potential defendant to court or a prosecution has failed without conviction of the defendant and it is known that assets exist which are believed to have been acquired by the proceeds of crime.

The CRT will seek to recover such assets for sale for the benefit of the public purse.

The provenance of such assets will require detailed investigation and this frequently invokes the need for tax issues to be investigated.

Cases are referred to CRT by various law enforcement officials which will utilise powers provided through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (‘POCA’).

Civil Recovery Proceedings | POCA | Kangs Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Solicitors

Civil Recovery is dealt with under Part 5 of POCA.

S240(1)(a) states:

240 General purpose of this Part

(1) This Part has effect for the purposes of—

(a) enabling the enforcement authority to recover, in civil proceedings before the High Court or Court of Session, property which is, or represents, property obtained through unlawful conduct

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We are regularly instructed in relation to Civil Recovery Proceedings instigated by the NCA.

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