Kangs Solicitors recently successfully defended a client charged with Burglary before Birmingham Crown Court.

Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors, reports on the case.

The Circumstances | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Our client was charged with burglary following an incident which took place in March 2017.

Our client had knocked on the door of the property in question a number of times and, subsequently, that property was broken into.

The Police relied upon witness statements and CCTV evidence in support of their allegations.

During interview, our client provided an explanation for knocking on the door of the property and denied knowledge of any burglary.

Our client was the only person charged with the offence.

The Trial | Kangs Criminal Trial Defence Solicitors

At trial, the flaws and inaccuracies in the Prosecution’s allegations were explained to the Jury and our client provided his explanation for being at the address.

The Satisfactory Result | Kangs Trial Solicitors

The Jury returned a unanimous ‘not guilty’ verdict with which our client was, of course, overjoyed.

How Can Kangs Solicitors Help You? | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors are instructed on a daily basis to represent people who are either under investigation, charged with criminal offences or wish to appeal their conviction/sentence.

Kangs Solicitors team has a proven track record of assisting clients charged with all manner of alleged criminal conduct.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs National Criminal Defence Solicitors

Arrangements can be made for a meeting at any of our offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Please feel free to contact our team through any of the following who will be happy to speak to you and guide you.

Sukhdip Randhawa
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