Kangs Solicitors has enabled a client charged with robbery and possession of an offensive weapon to retain his liberty.

Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors reports upon the circumstances. 

The Circumstances | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

  • Our client was one of a group which stole cash from premises when a weapon and violence were used.
  • Our client was the only person arrested and was identified by CCTV and a witness.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Solicitors Trial Preparation Team

  • Having secured bail for our client, the Kangs team thoroughly reviewed the evidence that had been served by the Prosecution and took detailed instructions from him.
  • Suitable highly experienced Queen’s Counsel, Michael Duck QC, was identified and instructed.  
  • During the course of meetings with our client he was advised in detail upon his position and the options available to him. 
  • Following a conference with Queen’s Counsel our client confirmed his intention not to defend the charges.
  • Detailed discussions with the Prosecution resulted in an agreement that our client would plead guilty ‘on a Basis’ to robbery with a not guilty plea being accepted in relation to possession of an offensive weapon.
  • The Kangs team worked with our client in preparing his detailed mitigation to present to the court.

The Sentencing Hearing | Kangs Criminal Defence Specialists

  • Although the Prosecution placed the accepted offence in the category B/2, which attracts a prison sentence starting at four years, within a range of three to six years, Queen’s Counsel on behalf of our client submitted strong mitigation including his age and previous lack of any convictions.
  • Following his consideration of the detailed mitigation that had been prepared and submitted to the Judge he sentenced our client to two years custody which was suspended for a period of two years, together with an Order for unpaid work and payment of compensation.
  • Our client and his family were delighted with the outcome.

How Can We Help You? | Kangs Crime & Fraud Defence Solicitors

Defending prosecutions in respect of any alleged criminal offence requires extensive experienced consideration of all matters including the evidence relied upon by the Prosecution. 

The experienced team at Kangs Solicitors offers years of experience to ensure that all steps are taken to critically analyse and evaluate each client’s personal requirements in order to achieve the most favourable result available.

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