It was recently reported by the Insolvency Service that Michael Allen, the director of an Ashbourne-based construction company, (‘the company’), as the result of an accident arising from breaches of health and safety regulations which resulted in an employee suffering life changing injuries, has been banned from holding the office of director.

Timothy Thompson from Kangs Solicitors reports upon the events.

The Circumstances | Kangs Health and Safety Solicitors

The company specialised in manufacturing and erecting steel-framed agricultural and industrial buildings and in July 2014 a worker, who was carrying out repairs on a farm building, unfortunately fell through the roof causing  life-changing injuries.

The Health and Safety Executive investigation revealed that the company had breached several regulations including:

  • failure to produce health and safety plans
  • inadequate training of employees and
  • provision of inadequate and insufficient equipment.

Penalties Imposed | Kangs Health and Safety & Director Disqualification Solicitors

As the result of the Court proceedings:

  • the company was fined approximately £275,000
  • the company went into liquidation due to its inability to pay the fine
  • the Insolvency Service investigation resulted in Michael Allen accepting a Director Disqualification Order for a term of six years.

Dave Elliott, Chief Investigator for the Insolvency Service, said:

“Michael Allen had a lack of regard for the workers, which unfortunately resulted in a horrific injury for one person.”

“Directors who fail to adhere to health and safety regulations to protect their employees and then fail to pay the fine can expect to face the consequences of a period of disqualification.”

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