Kangs Solicitors are regularly instructed by clients involved in situations arising from domestic violence incidents.

Frances Murray of Kangs Solicitors comments upon Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) and Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs).

What Are DVPNs and DVPOs? | Kangs Domestic Violence Advisory Team

DVPNs are regularly issued by police when attending incidents of alleged domestic violence.

At that immediate point of contact, and in the heat of the situation, attempting to judge who is the offending party can prove to be an impossible and, more often than not, the male will be the recipient of a DVPN.

Once issued, a DVPN will force the recipient’s removal from the property for forty eight hours, the intent being to provide a period during which the presumed victim can consider their position and seek such help and assistance as may be required.

The issue of a DVPN will be followed by an application to the Magistrates’ court for a DVPO which can extend the period of removal from the premises for a further twenty eighty  days.

How Can We Help? | Kangs National Serious Domestic Crime Team

The Team at Kangs Solicitors has considerable experience in challenging applications for DVPOs throughout the country.

An example of a recent case can be found here:

Invariably, emotions are running high as the result of the turmoil resulting from the issue of DVPNs and DVPOs and our Team has the depth of knowledge and understanding to be able to assist and guide through such difficult times.

If you are involved in such proceedings we are here to assist you manage your contact with the prosecuting authority and to advise and support you.

Who Should I Contact? | Domestic Violence Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our team of solicitors can be contacted through the following:

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