Kangs Solicitors represent Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff MBE.

Hamraj Kang and Helen Holder of Kangs Solicitors represented Mr. Flintoff before Manchester Magistrates Court today (20.07.16) for an offence of speeding.

Mr. Flintoff had previously been convicted in his absence of two offences, speeding and failing to notify driver.

After successfully re-opening the case, the second offence was withdrawn and Mr. Flintoff pleaded guilty to the speeding offence.  Had we not managed to re-open the case Mr. Flintoff was facing a driving ban of up to 6 months.

The offence was committed in October 2015 when he drove his vehicle at 58mph in a 40mph zone.

Following detailed mitigation, Mr. Flintoff received 4 penalty points on his licence, and was ordered to pay a £500 fine, £85 costs and £50 victim surcharge.

This is the third time that Kangs Solicitors have represented Mr. Flintoff, and on each occasion have successfully enabled him to retain his driving licence.

The issue of Mr. Flintoff’s driving record is being scrutinized in detail by the press.

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At Kangs Solicitors we prepare a case fully depending on the circumstances of each individual client in order to best represent their interests and protect their licence as far as is possible.

We have a proven track-record of assisting clients retain their driving licence.

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