Kangs Solicitors represent a client who is one of seven defendants standing trial at Woolwich Crown Court charged with fraudulent evasion of duty on cigarettes.

Helen Holder of Kangs Solicitors outlines the details of the case.

The Prosecution Case | Kangs Duty Evasion Solicitors

The Crown alleges that this was a large scale, organised cigarette smuggling criminal enterprise which, when discovered, resulted in the seizure of over four million illegal cigarettes upon which the payment of duty in excess of £1 million had been avoided.

Nature of the Crime | Kangs Excise & Duty Fraud Solicitors

The Prosecution state that the defendants operated a well-known ploy called ‘a van swap’ whereby a customer hands over his vehicle to a supplier to enable it  to be taken to a storage location and loaded with cigarettes.

Once loaded, the vehicle is returned to the customer with the result that the storage location is kept secret from the customer.

Following observations, HMRC raided a unit and found containers and laundry bags containing the cigarettes.

Preparation for Trial | Kangs Solicitors Defending Financial Crime Cases

Our client denies the allegation and states he has no knowledge of the cigarettes.

All of the Prosecution evidence, including detailed mobile phone analysis, has been examined meticulously and discussed at length with our client during the course of the preparation of his defence.

 Trial Progress | Kangs Fraud Trial solicitors

  • Our client has now given evidence and
  • A defence witness has been called.
  • The Trial, which began at Woolwich Crown Court on the 27th February 2017, has now entered its fifth week and we work with our client on a daily basis supporting him throughout.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Solicitors Complex Fraud Team

Kangs Solicitors have extensive experience of representing people being investigated, prosecuted and tried for financial crime.

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