Kangs Solicitors have been defending  a client charged with possession of a bladed article in an alleged road rage incident.

Frances Murray of Kangs Solicitors reports.

The Circumstances | Kangs Serious Crime Solicitors

The Prosecution alleged that our client was involved in a road rage incident during which he produced a bladed article.

Our client accepted that he had been in possession of a bladed article and pleaded guilty to the offence.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Serious Crime Defence Team

positive and supportive character references were obtained which evidenced our client’s very substantial contribution to the charity sector

detailed mitigation was prepared and presented to the Judge at the Sentencing Hearing.

The Successful Outcome | Kangs National Criminal Defence Solicitors

Having considered the detailed mitigation put forward on our client’s behalf, the Judge was persuaded to suspend the term of imprisonment imposed and our client and his family were understandably extremely relieved at the outcome.

Sentencing Guidelines | Kangs Criminal Law Advisory Solicitors

In accordance with the new Sentencing Guidelines published on the 1st June 2018 (‘the new Guidelines’), the matter was sent to Woolwich Crown Court.

As previously reported by Frances Murray in her article dated 5th June 2018 the new Guidelines are increasingly important as:

  • knife crime generally has become more prevalent throughout the UK, as regularly covered in the media,
  • knife crime relating to ‘turf wars’ and ‘road rage’ incidents nationwide increases.

The new Guidelines encourage the Sentencing Judge to pass a sentence of imprisonment to support the authorities’ endeavours to tackle the numerous reported incidents involving knife crime.

How Can We Help You? | Kangs Road Rage Crime Defence Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors team possesses specialist knowledge and extensive experience in handling cases involving bladed articles and offensive weapons. We have particular experience of advising and assisting in relation to ‘road rage’ incidents involving such bladed articles and offensive weapons.

Should you find yourself in a position where you need advice and support then please do not hesitate to contact our team which can be contacted through the following:

Suki Randhawa
0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 6396