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KANGS Solicitors has successfully defended a client charged with alleged conspiracy involving the cultivation and supply of cannabis following a six weeks’ trial at Leeds Crown Court.

John Veale of KANGS Solicitors explains the circumstances leading to this successful outcome.

KANGS Solicitors is rated as one of the best criminal law firms in the country being top ranked by both the leading legal directories, Chambers UK and The Legal 500. 

Our Team is led by Hamraj Kang, recognised as a leading expert in the field of criminal law and ranked in the ‘Top Tier’ by both of the leading directories named above, together with other members of the Team.

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The Circumstances | KANGS Drugs Offences Defence Solicitors

The investigation against our client commenced in 2017 but was subjected to delays, including the Covid Pandemic.

The Prosecution alleged that our client was one of the chief movers involved in the production of cannabis found in a number of properties and for its movement and supply alleging:

  • the hydroponics shop owned by the lead defendant, where our client worked, was the centre of operations,
  • our client, who had known the lead defendant from school, was his ‘right-hand man’,
  • our client had assisted at all times in the growing, burying of cannabis root balls and supply,
  • the operation was sophisticated involving re-wiring and ventilation systems as well the installation of a tracking device detector used to sweep co-defendant’s vehicles for tracking devices supposedly placed by the police.

How We Assisted Our Client | KANGS Serious Crime Defence Solicitors

Our client vehemently denied the allegations stating that he merely worked at both the hydroponics and plant hire businesses.

Prior to instructing KANGS, our client had attended two formal Interviews. At the third Interview a Prepared Statement was presented confirming our client’s continuing denial of guilt.

In preparation for our client’s Trial, the Team at Kangs:

  • attended our client on many occasions taking extensive instructions, advising him upon his position and the appropriate course to adopt by way of defence,
  • examined in detail the substantial volume of material served by the Prosecution, including that in relation to observation, cell site and telephone evidence running into many thousands of pages.
  • prepared all relevant defence documentation,
  • obtained all relevant medical evidence and records,
  • liaised with counsel and attended all meetings, involving our client,
  • generally prepared our client for Trial.

The Successful Outcome | KANGS Crown Court Solicitors

Having endured many years of stress and uncertainty, following his Trial, our client was acquitted of all charges, following a majority verdict direction from the Trial Judge.

Naturally, after so many years’ waiting our client was highly delighted with the outcome which had been achieved by the Team at KANGS Solicitors.

How to Contact Us | KANGS National Criminal Defence Solicitors

At KANGS Solicitors we understand the importance of providing clear, detailed professional advice and guidance from the onset of any investigation into any allegation of criminal conductand we understand the pressures that being accused of a crime and a prolonged investigation can bring.

The Team at KANGS seeks to obtain detailed instructions from the outset in the pursuit of obtaining the best outcome available for each and every client.

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If you require any advice or assistance in relation to any allegations of criminal activity, please feel free to contact our team.

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