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In an article titledElectronic Communications | Unsolicited Calls | Kangs Data Protection Solicitors posted to this website we outlined instructions received from a client to defend allegations of breaches of The Privacy And Electronic Communications Regulations.         

The Information Commissioners Office (‘the ICO’) has now confirmed that enforcement action is not necessary and Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors reports upon this successful outcome.

The Team at Kangs Solicitors offers a wealth of experience representing companies, directors and individuals in respect of matters involving regulatory issues of every nature, both civil and criminal, including those involving data protection. 

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The ICO Investigation | Kangs Data Breach Defence Solicitors

The ICO advised our client that it had received complaints from consumers of alleged unsolicited marketing calls despite the fact they were registered with the Telephone Preference Service (‘TPS’).  

The TPS, operated by the Direct Marketing Association on behalf of the ICO, enables consumers to register their telephone numbers thereby recording that they do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing calls.

The ICO sought to determine whether any enforcement action was necessary and conducted a formal investigation into our client’s compliance procedures.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs ICO Investigations Solicitors

By way of preparation for a meeting which the ICO had requested, the Team at Kangs Solicitors:

  • attended our client taking detailed instructions on the allegations which had been raised,
  • scrutinised the data protection/GDPR policies and procedures operated by our client,
  • advised our client upon its position and the appropriate course to adopt to effectively respond to the ICO’s investigation,
  • prepared and submitted detailed Written Representations for the ICO’s consideration,
  • attended our client preparing for the meeting requested by the ICO,
  • represented our client at the meeting with the ICO when all aspects were discussed in detail.

The Successful Outcome | Kangs TPS Offences Defence Solicitors

Having considered all of the detailed representations prepared by the Team at Kangs Solicitors, the ICO determined that enforcement action was not necessary and the investigation was concluded.

Needless to say our client was extremely grateful for the assistance and guidance provided by the teams at Kangs Solicitors.

Who Should I Contact For Help? | Kangs ICO Regulatory Solicitors

If you are arrested, made subject to any investigation by the ICO, or anticipate that you may be, you should seek immediate expert legal advice and assistance to protect your interests as far as possible.

The Team at Kangs Solicitors has a wealth of experience assisting clients facing allegations under PECR, GDPR and Data Protection legislation. For more information, please follow the below link:

Kangs Solicitors: ICO Investigations & Data Protection Solicitors.

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