In this article, the final of a trilogy which commenced on October 11th 2017 and was followed on 20th December 2017, Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors reports upon the outcome of the final hearing which recently took place at Birmingham Crown Court.

Successful Conclusion Achieved | Kangs POCA Specialist Solicitors

The Confiscation proceedings were very complicated and the Prosecution sought to recover a figure in excess of £120,000 by way of a Confiscation Order plus costs.

The previous articles have highlighted the challenging difficulties which confronted our client at the outset and the manner in which they have been successfully overcome stage by stage.

This success continued on the day of the Hearing when, following negotiations with the Prosecution, it was agreed that: 

  • the Prosecution would discontinue the Confiscation Proceedings against our client,
  • the amount sought by the Prosecution was substantially reduced to £6,655 and our client agreed to pay this as part of a Compensation Order.
  • the costs which the Prosecution were seeking to recover were reduced to £2,500.

The Judge made the relevant Orders on these terms.

Given the extent of the achievement accomplished for our client he was absolutely delighted with the hard fought for result.

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It is therefore crucial that you obtain expert legal advice from the outset.

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