It is clear that Brexit will have a significant effect upon those wishing to travel abroad with any firearm after 31st October 2019 or will be in an EU country with the firearm at that date, albeit with a European Firearms Pass (‘EFP’) and the travel being for the purpose of a sporting competition.

Given the serious consequences of falling in breach of the law, the government has released some limited information affecting those wishing to travel with a firearm.

John Veal of Kangs Solicitors comments briefly upon the current vague position arising from the uncertainty of whether or not there will be a Brexit deal.

The Situation | Kangs Firearms Offences Defence Solicitors

At present:

A UK resident wishing to travel to the EU with a shotgun/firearm must:    

  1. already hold a UK Licence for the firearm,
  2. apply for an EFP which allows travel with the firearm between member states,
  3. obtain any additional documentation required by the member state which is being visited,
  4. declare any firearm to any travel company involved and to border customs. 

Anticipated, in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit:

  1. UK residents will no longer be able to apply for an EFP,
  2. it will be necessary to check the firearms licensing requirements of the country to be visited before travelling,
  3. if, at the date of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, an individual will already be visiting an EU country with a firearm, the licensing requirements for that country must be complied with prior to departure to that country,
  4. those sponsoring a visitor who is bringing a firearm to the UK should continue to apply to the local UK police force for a visitor’s permit. Permits issued before the UK leaves the EU will remain valid until expiration. EFPs will not be recognised for EU visitors to the UK and sponsors will no longer be required to show a valid EFP. 

How Can We Assist? | Kangs National Criminal Defence Solicitors

Given the potential serious consequences of failing to comply with firearms law both in the UK and abroad, it is essential for those affected to take steps to keep up to date by monitoring the situation over the next few weeks.

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