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Kangs client, WL, was recently cleared of a wounding allegation at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court, following a contested Trial.

Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors, who had conduct of this case throughout, reports upon this successful defence.

Arrest and Charge | Kangs Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our client was charged with an allegation of Section 20 Wounding, amongst other charges, and remanded into custody, given that the incident was of a domestic nature involving an alleged assault against a former partner.

A bail application by Kangs criminal team successfully secured his release.

Our Client’s Defence | Preparation for Trial | Kangs Magistrates’ Court Solicitors

Our client had denied the allegations throughout.

At the time of the incident, he was at a particular low ebb, feeling suicidal and had taken a knife to harm himself.

The injuries caused to his estranged partner were as the result of her grabbing the knife from him to prevent him from self- harming.

The defence to be put forward was, therefore, one of accident and certainly not a case, as the Crown alleged a deliberate act of malicious wounding.

During detailed discussions with our client, it was discovered that  the injured party had seen an emergency consultant at hospital shortly after the incident for treatment to her wound.

It transpired that, when asked about how she had received her injuries, she replied ‘trying to take knife off partner’.

Magistrates’ Court Hearing | Kangs Magistrates’ Court Team

Somewhat unusually for a matter of this gravity, the Magistrates decided that the Trial should take place before them.

Our client was advised that he would probably be committed for Sentence before the Crown Court if convicted, where the maximum penalty for the offence is five years imprisonment.

The contested hearing was heard at Birmingham Magistrates Court with the injured party attending Court to give evidence against our client.

At the end of the Prosecution case, the Magistrates were advised, on behalf our client,  of the victim’s recorded comment to the hospital accepting that she had tried to grab the knife and a submission was made that our client had no case to answer.

Naturally, this was resisted by the Prosecution but the Magistrates agreed with the submissions made on behalf of our client, adjudicated that there was no case to answer and the case against our client was dismissed.

Our client was, of course, jubilant that justice had been done leaving him a very relieved man as he was facing a lengthy custodial sentence, if found guilty.

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Kangs Solicitors are regularly instructed to represent people charged in the Magistrates’ Court on a variety of matters, including serious criminal proceedings and are renowned for providing the best possible service.

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Arrangements can be made to meet at our offices in Birmingham, London or Manchester, please feel free to contact our crime team through any of the following:

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