Two directors of the liquidated company, Grantscope Ltd (‘the company’), have been given suspended prison sentences and made the subject of Confiscation Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (‘POCA’) resulting from environment law offences.

Helen Holder of Kangs Solicitors comments upon the proceedings.

The Circumstances | Kangs Environment Law Offences Defence Team

  • The company was liquidated in September 2012 after it failed to comply with a Regulation 36 Enforcement Notice served by the Environment Agency as the result of the illegal deposit of waste outside its site in Barnsley.
  • The company’s Environmental Permit was subsequently revoked but despite this the defendants continued waste operations.
  • Following conviction and sentence the Environment Agency instituted POCA Proceedings.
  • The Court found that the men had illegally benefitted from operating a regulated facility without a permit and were ordered to make payment of £138,000 and £121,422.72 respectively within three months or face a default sentence of imprisonment.

Official Comment | Kangs Environment Agency Defence Solicitors

Caron Osborne of the Environment Agency commented:

“Not only do we use environmental law to prosecute those who abuse the environment but we also use the Proceeds of Crime legislation to ensure that criminals are deprived of the benefits of their illegal activity.  This hearing demonstrates how seriously we take waste crime and we’ll continue to take action against those operating outside of the law and the regulations.”

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