Kangs Solicitors have been instructed to advise and assist a well known coffee shop business which is currently under investigation for failing to comply with two separate Hygiene Improvement Notices.

Cagin Husnu of Kangs Solicitors outlines the position.

How We Are Assisting Our Client | Kangs Food Safety & Hygiene Solicitors

The Improvement Notices have indicated specific issues which needed addressing by the business owner to ensure that all aspects of the business, including cleaning methods, pest control and food storage, were in line with the guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency.

At the present time we are working with our client to ensure that all requirements have been complied with, the appropriate law is understood for future observance and to mitigate the effect that any failures may have upon the future of the business.

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The Team at Kangs Solicitors has great experience in advising and representing individuals and businesses facing proceedings arising under Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulation 2013 or similar legislation.

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