Kangs Solicitors has been instructed by an individual client to challenge HMRC in respect of an excess tax payment.

The Challenge | Kangs Solicitors Tax Team

  • In early 2017, our client instructed a company which claimed to specialise in claiming back tax rebates from HMRC. Our client was advised by the company that they would retain two-thirds of any rebate secured as payment.
  • In due course, our client received a cheque for approximately one-third of the tax rebate from HMRC. However, HMRC now seek to recover the full amount from him.
  • The company instructed by our client to obtain the rebate has now disappeared along with two thirds of the rebate they retained in respect of their services.
  • The Kangs Team is carrying out investigatory work in respect of all aspects of the matter.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Tax Affairs Advisory Solicitors

Issues involving HMRC can be very confusing, worrying and daunting but are frequently resolved with a proactive approach to HMRC.

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