Kangs Solicitors are defending a client facing trial at Southwark Crown Court in respect of a number of very serious sexual offences allegations, historic in nature, which he is alleged to have committed.

The Prosecution have obtained an adjournment to enable a detailed review of the evidence to be conducted following the recent collapse of a number of similar trials as the result of the failure by the Prosecution to disclose important evidence.

Amandeep Murria of Kangs Solicitors reports upon the situation.

Prosecution Disclosure Obligations | Kangs Sexual Offences Trial Solicitors

A number of rape trials have recently collapsed because evidence was not properly and fully disclosed to the defence lawyers representing the accused.

In preparation for and during a criminal trial, the Police and the Prosecution have a continuing duty to disclose evidence or information that might help the defendant in the preparation of his defence or harm the Prosecution’s own case.

There have been unacceptable failings in the execution of this duty detrimental to the proper exercise of justice.

This has resulted in the collapse of several Trials, leading to the decision that all current rape and serious sexual assault cases currently being prosecuted in England and Wales are to be reviewed to ensure that evidence has been disclosed properly.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders was quoted as saying:

‘Changes in society, such as the vastly increasing use of social media mobile phone messaging, bring challenges that all parts the criminal justice system, despite the resulting challenges, must deal with. We are taking steps to identify any individual cases of concern as a matter of urgency’.

The reviews of the evidence may result in a number of prosecutions being discontinued.

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