Kangs Solicitors recently defended a client charged with offences of Possession with Intent to Supply Class A Drugs and Money Laundering.

Timothy Thompson reports upon the satisfactory outcome for our client.

The Circumstances | Kangs Drug Offences and Money Laundering Defence Solicitors

  • At the time of arrest, police officers found drugs in the form of crack cocaine and heroin and cash alleged to represent the proceeds of drug related
  • At court our client pleaded guilty to two offences of Possession with Intent to Supply Class A Drugs in accordance with a Basis of Plea which was entered on his behalf.
  • Our client pleaded not guilty to the Money Laundering offence.
  • The Prosecution refused to accept our client’s Basis of Plea in so far as it related to the offence of Money Laundering.
  • A Newton Hearing was arranged to resolve the outstanding issues.

The Hearing and Sentence | Kangs Criminal Defence Trial Solicitors

  • Prior to the Hearing, the Prosecution disclosed telephone evidence which, following meticulous interrogation by Kangs trial preparation team, resulted in written submissions being advanced challenging its accuracy.
  • At Birmingham Crown Court, the Prosecution withdrew the Money Laundering charges and the Judge found in favour of our client.
  • Taking into account the Basis of Plea that Kangs defence team had meticulously prepared and the convincing mitigation put forward, the Judge delivered a suspended sentence,thereby preserving our client’s freedom.

Client’s Appreciation | Kangs National Criminal Defence Team

Our client, a young man who has recently graduated with Honours at University, was delighted with the result and expressed his thanks to the Kangs team for the highly successful result achieved on his behalf.

How Can We Help You? | Kangs National Criminal  Defence Solicitors

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