The Government has responded to the ever increasing threat of serious and organised economic crime by particularising a plan for the next three years; the Economic Crime Plan 2019 – 2022 (‘the Plan’).

Timothy Thompson of Kangs Solicitors briefly outlines the proposals.

What is Economic Crime? | Kangs Serious and Organised Crime Defence Solicitors

The term ‘Economic Crime’ is broad in definition and embraces criminal activity ranging from low-level frauds through to sophisticated cyber-enabled market manipulation.

Examples include:  

  • fraud against the individual, private sector and public sector
  • terrorist financing
  • sanctions contravention
  • market abuse
  • corruption and bribery
  • the laundering of proceeds of crime.

The Plan | Kangs Fraud Prevention Solicitors

Statistic show that serious and organised crime is estimated to cost the UK at least £37 billion each year. The Plan details the importance of providing a robust response to such criminal activity.   

The Plan details seven ‘Strategic Priorities’:

  1. Understanding the Threat and Performance Metrics,
  2. Better Information-Sharing,
  3. Powers Procedures and Tools,
  4. Enhanced Capabilities,
  5. Risk-Based Supervision and Risk Management,
  6. Transparency of Ownership, and
  7. The International Strategy.

Each of the Strategic Priorities contains a number of action plans, the organisation responsible for progressing each action and the deadline for which the action is to be completed.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Economic Crime Defence Solicitors

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