The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 (‘the Act’) has introduced a range of new offences and measures designed to tackle the blight of knife crime which is now reported in the press on a daily basis.

John Veale of Kangs Solicitors comments upon one of the measures namely, Knife Crime Prevention Orders.

Obtaining an Order | Kangs Offensive Weapons Advisory Team

  1. Part 2 of the Act enables an application to be made to the Magistrates’ Court/Youth Court by the Chief Constable of any force for such an order where:
    • on a balance of probabilities, on at least two occasions in the two years prior to the application, the subject of the required order has had a bladed article with them without good reason or lawful authority,
    • the order is required for the protection of the public,
    • it is considered necessary to prevent the subject of the required order committing an offence involving a bladed article.
  2. A conviction is not required before an order can be made.
  3. The order can contain a wide range of requirements or prohibitions that are set out in the Act.

Penalties for Breach | Kangs Magistrates and Crown Court Solicitors

Breach of a Knife Crime Prevention Order carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment.

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