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    Cagin Husnu | Serious, General Crime and Immigration Solicitor

    Cagin Husnu (known as ‘Chan’) is a qualified solicitor who has been working at Kangs Solicitors since April 2011.

    Chan is highly experienced representing people of all backgrounds in all environments including Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal and is able to establish an immediate rapport with his clients thereby making them feel at ease.

    Chan advises fellow lawyers, doctors, accountants, and police officers.

    Kangs Solicitors maintain a busy immigration team in which Chan is heavily involved.


    Offences in respect of which Chan has assisted clients include:

    Murder  | Attempted Murder

    Drugs Conspiracies |
    Drug Importation

    Perverting the Course of Justice

    Firearms offences | Arson

    Fraud | Money LaunderingAcquisition | Use | Possession of criminal property

    Aggravated Burglary |  Burglary

    Armed Robbery | Robbery

    Conveying Articles into Prison

    Sexual Offences | Sexual Offences against Children

    Violent Disorder | Riot

    Facilitation of Illegal Immigration

    False Imprisonment

    Appeals against Convictions and Sentence

    Death by Dangerous | Careless Driving

    Chan’s recent caseload includes:

    Serious & General Crime

    R v. L [Birmingham Crown Court]
    Chan is representing one of the defendants charged with the importation of  weapons and ammunition from Europe.

    R v. W [Birmingham Crown Court]
    Our client is one of fourteen defendants charged with conspiracy to import cannabis from Europe.

    R v. C [Southwark Crown Court]
    Our client is charged with conspiracy involving money laundering arising from boiler room frauds.

    R v. K [Bristol Crown Court]
    Our client is alleged to be a controlling figure in a drug dealing conspiracy .

    R v. L [Birmingham Crown Court]
    Our client is alleged to have held up a taxi driver at gunpoint .

    R v. C [Stafford Crown Court]
    Our client was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, however, following expert reports and negotiations with the Crown, a plea to a lesser charge of causing death by careless driving was accepted.

    Financial Investigation against Our client     
    Our client, an accountant,  is suspected of serious embezzlement.

    Investigation involving conveyance of prohibited articles into a prison. 
    Chan represents several suspects in this alleged conspiracy.

    Sexual Offences Including Those Against Children

    Rape, assault by penetration & sexual assault
    Our client is alleged to have repeatedly abused a young girl over the course of many years when she was still a child.

    Investigation against A Male
    Our  male client is under investigation for ‘stranger’ rape.

    Investigation Against Our Client 
    Our client allegedly sexually assaulted a police community support officer.

    Past Notable Cases

    R v K [Birmingham Crown Court] | Conspiracy to evade the prohibition on the importation of controlled drugs.

    Our client was alleged to have imported 1.4 tonnes of cannabis from Jamaica into the UK with a street value of £4 million but was acquitted of all charges.

    R v. M [Birmingham Crown Court] | Attempted Murder
    Our client, together with three others, was charged with attempting to murder another young male but was acquitted of the charge.

    R v M [Birmingham Crown Court] | Conspiracy to Handle Stolen Goods
    Following a guilty plea by our client, the Prosecution alleged in Confiscation Proceedings that he had benefited in the sum of approximately £700,000 from his criminal conduct. As the result of Chan’s involvement, the Court accepted that the appropriate figure was £1,850.


    Home Office v. ‘S’ | Deportation Proceedings
    The Secretary of State wished to deport ‘S’  upon the basis that he had been convicted of criminal offences, had received a prison sentence of more than two years and was deemed a dangerous criminal. Following Chan’s lengthy representations to the Home Office, it was agreed that ‘S’ should not be deported, would not be deemed a dangerous criminal and he was released from custody.

    Complaints Against The Police
    Chan also assists clients who wish to lodge complaints against the police and those harbouring grievances for which they feel the police should be held accountable.


    TEL: 0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 639607989 521 210 (24Hr Emergency Number)

    Languages spoken: English | Turkish

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