The Terrorism Act 2000 (‘the Act’), enacted one year before the horrific events of 9th September 2001 at The World Trade Centre in New York, was designed to increase the powers of the Home Secretary and the police in the effort  to combat terrorism.

Tim Thompson of Kangs Solicitors briefly comments upon the situation.

Strategy | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

The Government observes the effect of its strategy, in part, by collating and examining statistics regarding such activities as:

  • the use of ‘stop and search’ legislation
  • terrorism arrests
  • pre-charge detention periods under section 41of the Act (‘Pre-Charge Detention’)
  • prosecutions and convictions for terrorism
  • the use of control orders and terrorist prevention and investigation measures.

The Statistics | Kangs National Serious Crime Team

Every quarter the Home Office releases a statistical report entitled ‘Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000’ from which it can be seen that in the year ending 30th September 2017, of the 400 arrests for terrorism-related offences:

  • 115 (29%) resulted in a charge, of which 97 (84%) were charged with terrorism-related offences
  • 213 (53%) were released without charge
  • 60 (15%) persons were released on bail pending further investigation
  • 11 (3%) faced alternative action
  • 1 case was pending at the time of data provision

Pre-Charge Detention | Kangs National Serious Crime Solicitors

The Police have extended powers of detention providing them extra time to investigate and gather potential evidence.

The detention can be for a specified period, currently set at a maximum of 14 days, as compared to the maximum 4 days under standard arrest powers.

In 2017 there were the highest number of detentions since 2007.

 How Can We Assist? | Kangs Arrest and Detention Solicitors

An arrest for a suspected terrorism offence does not necessarily mean that a charge will follow.

In such event professional advice should be sought immediately.

Our experienced team of solicitors is able to:

  • provide immediate robust representation at the Police Station
  • provide the necessary support throughout any investigation
  • advise generally according to whatever allegations are made.

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