Kangs Solicitors has successfully defended a client, at Leicester Crown Court, who faced ten allegations of sexual assault.  Our client denied the allegations from the outset.

Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors outlines the circumstances leading to this happy conclusion for our client. Kangs Solicitors has a proven track record spanning over 20 years of successfully representing clients accused of criminal offences of every nature including sexual offences.

We are recognised as one of the leading criminal defence firms in the country and we are top ranked by both the leading legal directories, Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500.

We appreciate the strain on individuals and their families when facing allegations of a sexual nature and we are here to assist you to alleviate such difficulties and pressures.

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The Relevant Law | Kangs Sexual Assault Defence Solicitors

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 provides:

3 Sexual assault

(1)   A person (A) commits an offence if—

(a) he intentionally touches another person (B),

(b) the touching is sexual,

(c) B does not consent to the touching, and

(d)  A does not reasonably believe that B consents.

(2) Whether a belief is reasonable is to be determined having regard to all the circumstances, including any steps A has taken to ascertain whether B consents.’

The Allegation | Kangs Sexual Offences Defence Team

Our client was charged with ten counts of alleged sexual assault dating back several years which had been made against him by his stepdaughter. 

During the course of the trial, the Prosecution introduced friends and relatives of the stepdaughter as witnesses in support of its case. 

Preparation For Trial | Kangs Trial Preparation Defence Team

By way of preparation of our client’s defence for trial the team at Kangs Solicitors, inter alia:

  • examined and analysed all of the material served by the Prosecution by way of evidence,
  • attended our client on several occasions taking his full instructions and advising upon his position and upon the appropriate course to adopt,   
  • prepared and filed all necessary defence documents,
  • attended all preparatory Hearings,
  • identified suitably experienced counsel, provided him with full details of our client’s defence and attended conferences with both counsel and our client preparing for trial.

The Proceedings | Kangs Defence Trial Team

  • Following a full trial, at which our client explained to the jury the reasons why he thought that the false allegations had been made against him and his defence to such allegations, the jury returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict in relation to one of the counts he faced.
  • As the jury could not reach a decision in relation to the nine remaining counts, the judge discharged the jury and a retrial was anticipated.
  • Following further consideration, the Prosecution concluded that there was no realistic prospect of a further trial being successful and offered no evidence against our client, thereby concluding the proceedings against him.  
  • Naturally, our client was overjoyed with the work conducted on his behalf by the team at Kangs Solicitors which had led to this successful outcome.

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