Kangs Solicitors have successfully defended a client charged with a rape alleged to have taken place in a domestic setting.

Meticulous defence preparation was undertaken which included the scrutiny of mobile phone communications, DNA analysis, examination of witness statements and in depth discussions with our client.

The client was acquitted by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court following a trial earlier this week.

Sexual Offences Alleged In A Domestic Situation

Many allegations of a sexual nature are made against alleged offenders who are in a relationship with the victim.

Each case presents its own circumstances but recurring themes in domestic situations include:

  1. Repeated offences o ver a number of years;
  2. Historic offences which may not be reported for many years;
  3. Other offences committed over the same period such as assaults, controlling or coercive behaviour or stalking.
  4. Corroborative statements made by friends / family members of the victim;
  5. Lack of forensic / medical / or third party evidence.

An example of an allegation made during a marriage is linked below:

Non Domestic Sexual Offences

Whilst the situations in which such offences may be committed are numerous, the following are frequently encountered:

  1. Familial relationship
  2. Stranger attention
  3. Social occasions

Kangs Solicitors have represented numerous defendants charged with very serious sexual offences in all types of situations.

Some examples of our recent work can be found through the following links:

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Kangs Solicitors field a team of specialists in the defence of allegations of a sexual nature be it historic or recent.

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs Criminal Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors have a wealth and breadth of specialist solicitors who can assist you from the police station to the Court if you are accused of offences of a sexual nature.

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