As part of the joint venture involving The Security Industry Authority (‘SIA’) and HMRC, designed to combat illegal working practices and tax fraud in the private security industry, sixty five locations have been targeted in London, Cardiff and Newcastle.

Timothy Thompson of Kangs Solictors comments on the operation.

The Investigation | Kangs Financial Fraud Defence Team

The purpose of the exercise was to investigate: 

  • the extent to which employment was being operated legitimately,
  • the manner in which all tax liabilities were being dealt with, and
  • whether or not any labour abuse was present.

The investigation uncovered a number of operatives working on a self-employed basis and, in some instances, being paid ‘cash-in-hand’.

Further enquiries are being pursued by HMRC and it is envisaged that ‘follow up’ visits will be taking place in the near future.

Official Comment | Kangs SIA Solicitors

John Sandlin, Senior Manager, Security Industry Authority said:

‘This operation is to ensure that security staff are employed legitimately and treated fairly. By working together our two organisations will challenge attempts to circumvent or manipulate the law.  We want a level playing field for those legitimate businesses who play by the rules’.

Simon York, Director of HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, said:

‘Honest employers have nothing to fear, but we are determined to root out businesses who try to cheat the tax system and undercut those who abide by the law. These operations are part of our successful partnership with the SIA which help us identify tax abuses in the security industry. We are determined to ensure workers are treated fairly and to create a level playing field for businesses across this sector.’

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