In his article ‘Trial By Jury’ which was posted to this website on 24th April 2019,  Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors outlined the functions of  a Jury including consideration of the Trial evidence and deliberation of the guilt or otherwise of a defendant.

Nazaqat now explains the nature of the verdicts that a Jury may reach and their implications.

The Three Alternatives | Kangs Criminal Defence Trial Advisors

A jury will reach one of three decisions, or verdicts:

  • A Unanimous Verdict

This arises where all jurors agree on a verdict, whether it is ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’.

  • A Majority Verdict

If the jury fails to reach a unanimous verdict, the Judge may ascertain whether or not there exists a sufficient majority for either alternative which enables him to accept the same as the prevailing decision.

In general terms, where the trial finishes with a full panel of twelve jurors, the Judge will proceed upon the verdict which at least ten jurors support.

  • A Deadlocked Verdict

Otherwise known as a ‘hung jury’, this arises where the Jurors fail to reach an acceptable majority either way and this remains the position, frequently after days of consideration and  the efforts which the Judge will pursue to try and encourage such an acceptable majority.

In the event of a ‘hung jury’:

  1. no verdict is recorded,
  2. once there is a Hung Jury
  3. the Prosecution may seek a retrial,
  4. the Trial Judge will decide whether or not it is in the interests of justice for a retrial to take place.

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